Govt delegate vs trustee

Unit 3: ap gov study play delegate model legislators should follow their own judgment (that is, act like a trustee) until the public becomes vocal about a particular matter, at which point they should follow the dictates of constituents conscience model legislators should follow the will of the people (that is, act like a delegate.

govt delegate vs trustee Essay on govt delegate vs trustee elect a delegate representative over a trustee  along with being informed about the issues about the district in which they represent, a delegate representative will work to support the specific citizens in the district, where as a trustee representative may not.

Congressional politics final review study play delegate vs trustee model the delegate and trustee models are two models that represent the two ways a senator can chose to vote 1) delegate model: direct representation vote the way the constituents this privilege is given to government officials and allows them to mail things without.

In political representation, an instructed delegate is a representative who acts according to the wishes of his constituents, while a trustee exercises his own judgment the delegate model of representation often applies to situations in which the represented bodies are independent entities with. A trustee differs from a delegate in the fact that a trustee must be trusted that their motives are in the best interest of the district that they represent, instead of focusing on what their particular party may want.

Trustee vs delegate: a false dichotomy submitted by antonio lambino on mon, 08/17/2009 i think burke’s preference for the trustee over delegate model is well justified and quite straightforward: “if government were a matter of will upon any side, yours, without question, ought to be superior. A theory of political accountability justin fox1 and kenneth w shotts2 july 23, 2007 study delegate and trustee representation have long recognized as playing a central role in elections the probability that the government takes up a common value issue is fl.

Govt delegate vs trustee

Max bloom section 12 a major issue that must be considered when we think about the way we want the people who we choose to represent us to behave is whether they should act as trustees or as delegates these two styles of representation are radically different, and the choice of one or the other.

Delegate vs trustee ryan wiseman you will find that across different states, that each state's legislators usually fit within a spectrum, known as the delegate-trustee spectrum. The trustee model of representation is a model for how we should understand the role of representatives, and is frequently contrasted with the delegate model of representation constituents elect their representatives as ' trustees ' (or 'entrust' them) for their constituency.

Govt delegate vs trustee
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