Tata swach case study

Of the crucial issues plaguing the rural india ie access to clean drinking water tata chemicals recently unveiled a water purifier named, ‘swach’ under rs 1000/- price tag given the rural india’s potential and cut throat competition in the purifier market, the affordable ‘swach. Case studies sales force automation solution for tata swach tata swach is the flagship water purifier product of tata chemicals that uses latest purification technology the brand has a sales force deployed all across india to manage the sales from general trade channel however, lack of a robust sales force automation solution was becoming a.

View homework help - tata from mbs 103 at chennai business school a case study on tata swach prepared by, shreya nair (157780592104) shivani jhala (157780592102) kishna patel (157780592074) nita. A water purifier delivering clean water at 02 us cents a litre might seem eminently affordable but for arup basu, president of the new businesses and innovation centre at tata chemicals, it is.

The tata swach is a low-cost, point-of-use water purification device that was originally designed with the goal to provide “clean water for the masses” in india since its launch, however, it has not been able to penetrate rural markets which constitute the majority of the underserved population. Case study: tata’s swach water purifier project the tata group has taken a plunge to resolve oneof the crucial issues plaguing the rural india i.

Case study pack aviation banking & financial services electricals & electronics tata swach: the world’s cheapest water purifier tata swach, the water purifier, delivered safe drinking water at a new market benchmark of rs30 per month for a family of five it was user-friendly and affordable and did not require electricity.

Tata swach case study

Case study 'tata swach-nano tech water purifier ' 1how the tata chemicals developed an innovative product, tata swach, the nano filter tata chemicals and tata consultancy services ltd first began work in 2006 on the idea of water purification system made up of natural materials.

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tata swach case study This case is about the development of tata swach, a water purifier introduced by the tata group of companies in 2009 tata decided to develop swach after it realized the need for clean water in the rural areas of india.
Tata swach case study
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