The importance of decisions in the movie gone baby gone

Gone baby gone begins, simply--if horribly--enough with the taking of a little girl four-year-old amanda mccready is plucked from her bed in boston's working-class dorchester neighborhood one night while her mother, helene (amy ryan), is apparently at a neighbor's house watching television. Gone baby gone began as a human interest story - the story of a missing girl and the repercussion on the family that followed it then changed its pursuit to that of a police thriller / mystery, and finally, an attempt at a moral play. Ben affleck's adaptation of dennis lehane's novel gone, baby, gone stars casey affleck as patrick kenzie, a private investigator from working-class boston who takes on a case involving a kidnapped girl the girl's aunt begs patrick to take the case because he has connections to criminal boston that the police do not.

Significantly, gone baby gone is not interested in the best interests of amanda, though most of its characters are, particularly angie, remy, and doyle most of the film’s major characters are concerned with the interests of the child or of themselves or both. Gone baby gone this film explores the concepts of the complexities of legal ethics and grey areas there were many situations in this film that displayed “grey area cases” the first example was when remmy bressant admitted to planting evidence though this is legally wrong, morally, he did what he thought was the best for the child.

The ethical dilemmas in gone baby gone using the 7 major ethical systems listed in pollock text(7th edition) ethical dilemmas & decisions in criminal justice, page 46,(ethical formalism, utilitarianism, religion, natural law, ethics of virtue, ethics of care, egoism) as the basis for your analysis, apply and discuss the moral ambiguities presented in the movie gone baby gone. The movie, gone, baby, gone is a film that from the beginning of the movie to the end reminds the audience of its theme throughout the entire movie its characters are shown as an ends, not as a means, it discovers the moral theme of decision making and deciding what our duties, and reasons are.

One of the major themes occurring often within our recent movies is the challenge of various aspects of motive and ethics a look at the bleak film, gone baby gone, reveals the grittier heart of boston moral judgment is gone baby gone ».

The importance of decisions in the movie gone baby gone

  • Gone baby gone ending opinions (selfmovies) submitted 5 years ago by [deleted] i just watched gone baby gone it was generally a good movie with strong performances and a well told story progression, but i have to say that i found the ending outrageous he justifies his decision by claiming that it was his legal obligation, and that he.

the importance of decisions in the movie gone baby gone In 2007, ben affleck made his directorial debut with gone baby gone, a crime mystery/drama starring his brother casey as a detective named patrick kenzie, and michelle monaghan playing his girlfriend angie gennaro, both hired to find amanda mccready, a 4 yr old girl kidnapped in the boston area.
The importance of decisions in the movie gone baby gone
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